YouTube Channel

Hi guys,

First I would like to apologize for not updating for the past 2 weeks, I am getting ready to take my NCLEX in the next couple months so just been trying to stay focus and put studying as a priority for now. I also would like to update you guys, I have a YouTube channel, well at first it was just mainly an account so I can watch YouTube, but over the past few years my friends have been asking for advice on how to curl their hair, how to put on their make-up or eyeshadows, and even videos that I made of just simply for my own pleasure, like day at the beach or just day to day stuff. I have put up some videos over the years, and just recently uploaded a video of this amazing beach in Oahu. I made the video a little over 2 yrs ago, but with encouragement from friends I made it public for everyone to see. So, I would like to ask my WordPress friends to head over there and show some love on my channel? Thank you all for your support. I promise I will update as soon I get this test out of the way. Pray for me and hope I pass! 🙂

God bless everyone and always remember to keep smiling even through the tough times. Remember, its fun to dance in the rain, just imagine you are shooting an awesome music video rain scene. 🙂

Here is the link to my YouTube, give it a like, subscribe and comment. ❤

PS its not as HD as I want it to be, because I shot this a long time ago with my cellphone. So bare with me for now, I will use a high quality camera and share you all my wonderful island of Hawaii 🙂


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