You’re the Inspiration ♥

♥Hello my dear readers,♥

I am sorry that I have not updated my blog for a week! Yikes! I’ve just been busy getting my thoughts together because I am scheduled to take my nursing license exam in the next few months. So scrambling to get myself together and just been on the streak of focusing for it.

Lately, I have been feeling in the mood to listen to some good ol’ love songs from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s. First let me just give you guys some background story of my love for music. I was born in the Philippines and my mom left for Hawaii barely before I turned 1 years old. So my dad was left to take care of me with help from my maternal grandparents and my paternal grandmother. It’s true when they say “it takes a village to raise a child,” with my mom’s absence my aunts, uncles, grandparents and my father filled in the role of a mother to me, especially my dad. From stories that I’ve heard from my dad, it took him a while to take in the role of both a father and a mother to an 11 month old child. Sometimes, I would have trouble sleeping, so to help with that, my dad would tune in to this local Filipino radio station that played classic love songs from previous eras. This strategy helped me to fall asleep, I guess listening to Bon Jovi, Phil Collins, Chicago, Air Supply and other great singers helped calm me down. My dad also worked at a local radio station that was owned by my maternal grandfather’s cousin. My dad worked the night shift and since I was basically attached to the hip with my dad, he would take me to work. There was this couch in the recording booth and he could put me there. His radio section was the late night love songs as well, so as I sleep I would listen to the songs my dad played for the people that listened to him on the radio. These love songs comforted me through the night.

Present day, this feeling of hearing these classic love songs still have the same effect on me. I would run to these songs to help and comfort me when I have very serious nervous breakdown or if I have trouble sleeping.

Last night I did just that, I stumbled upon my most favorite song, by Chicago called You’re the Inspiration. The magical voice of Peter Cetera just really captures you from the moment he opens the song with this echo like voice to the fading of it at the end. This song I always thought it was just a love song but as I listened to it last night, my parents and my families faces popped out as this songs plays. This song is for me, is a love song to them my parents, they are my inspiration. They sacrificed themselves and worked hard to give me the best future they could offer. My mom who had to leave me, an 11 month old infant to come to Hawaii to work at the hotels to earn money to send to the Philippines so that my dad can buy me milk and clothes. My dad who had to be the single parent, taking on the role of being a mother and a father to an 11 month old. My maternal and paternal grandparents who sacrificed themselves to aid my parents and guide them in raising a child and to my aunts, uncles and cousins, who have helped fill an empty void. As an only child, I have never felt alone, I was always surrounded by family. My parents made sure that even though they worked hard to give me my best chance at life, they always have given me love. They always made the time to fill that love, no matter how busy they were, they always showed it to me. Through talking or just by cooking for me or giving me a simple hug or kiss before they leave for work.

Last night I have realized that they, my parents, have sacrificed so much for me, their one and only apple of their eyes as they call me. They have given me my best chance at life. Slowly as they see me achieve all my hopes and dreams, they see their hard work pay off. As I put this song on repeat last night, this made me realize as well that its now my turn to give my parents the best life too. They have done their job for 27 years, raising a daughter and sacrificing their own happiness to make me happy. There’s no greater sacrifice than that. As Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross for GODs children, my parents, my family have sacrificed themselves for my best chance at life. They are the ultimate cheerleader, the ultimate inspiration, and “no one needs you more than I.” Just like the lyrics in the song, they are the meaning in my life, they bring feeling to my life, they are my inspiration, no one needs them more than I need them.

So my dear readers, I have a challenge for you this week. Let’s take this time to reflect, what sacrifices have your parents made. Think through your childhood, talk to your grandparents what it was like when you were younger. I know you won’t remember what happened when you were one, but talk to your elders, to your parents. What were you like when you were younger, you’d bee surprise what you find out. This will help give you time to connect with your parents. Remember that your parents and grandparents are not getting any younger, take these time to connect with them, rebuild a good relationship with them. Learn from them and in the future you can pass these stories down to your children. Have these stories and your families legacy live on. Because every story, every sacrifice is an inspiration waiting to spark something in someone.

Alright my dear readers, I have added the song to the end of this page and I hope that you all have a good Sunday or Monday 🙂 till next time!


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