The Face Shop-Arsainte Eco-Therapy Cooling Mist (빙산수)


Alright everyone here is another The Face Shop product for you, The Arsainte Eco-Therapy Cooling Mist (빙산수). This 130 ml (4.39 fl oz) cooling mist contains iceberg water and ice extract extracted from icebergs in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

The iceberg water is known to be the purest water source in the world. They are toxin-free and hydrates the skin deeply. It also contains 10 times the amount of dissolved oxygen compared to normal waste. This in result delivers an intense moisture surge and improves hydration. The cooling mist cools heated skin with crystal water formula, which works well for the skin after the day under the sun.

This product is part of my holy grail product that I cannot live without. I actually have 2 bottles of these. Let’s first talk about the packaging. The bottle is this light blue color with a spray spout. I really like the spray spout because delivers the perfect even applications on the face. It is liquid and has no odor. Very easy to spray on and no trouble with the mess. The product is self is really cooling. I live in Hawaii and it is always hot and sunny. So I carry a spare in my bag to spritz my face. There are 2 reasons to why I have a cooling mist in hand. 1. to cool my face from the heat of the sun and 2. to prevent the extra production of my face. Since I have large pores and oily skin, using the cooling mist controls the production of oil in my pores which prevent clogged pores and pimples. The reason behind this is when the body detects that your skin is dry and dehydrated, the body reacts by producing natural oils and secrets it through the pores to give this natural barrier of the skin which prevents it from drying up or getting burnt. By spraying the cooling mist, it is quenching your skin’s thirst and at the same time preventing excessive oil production. Ever since I started using the cooling mist, it has helped my face from producing too much oil and control my oily skin. This also provides good hydration for the skin.

For this product, I include this also in my daily skin care routine for day and night time. When I am finished with washing my face and pat drying it, I then spray the cooling mist to rehydrate the face. One thing that you should know about your face is that we don’t just have oily or dry skin. We all have a combination of oily and dry. With my forehead and the outer part of my face are dry while the T-zone or inner part of my face a really oily. With the mist it’ll help balance your skin, rehydrating where is needs it most and yes controlling the oil.

I feel that this is a good product to have in your skin care, this product sells for around $15.00 a little pricey if you are on a budget, but compared to higher end skin care products this is pretty much a bargain. I suggest buying this also for your kids, I use this on my cousins that are between the ages of 10 and teens. They love using this after a long day at the beach, their faces tend to get so sunburn that using the cooling mist calms the skin and prevents the skin from peeling. I use this in conjunction with the aloe vera too for facial sunburns.

Overall this product is great and perfect for oily, dry and combination skins. Buy 2 for your skin care routine and for everyday use under the sun. 🙂

Well, guys hope you enjoy another beauty entry. Don’t forget to like, comment, share and follow. 🙂


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