Pore Tightening All in One –The Face Shop Review


I feel so bad for not updating on Saturday so decided to double post. 🙂 Here is what I was suppose to both on Saturday. Enjoy my review.

This next product I will be reviewing is The Face Shop Pore Tightening All in One Serum. This formula leaves the skin softer and healthier looking by minimizing the pores.

The Major ingredient of this product is 1,000 mg of horse chestnut seed extract. The product is all in one that includes lotion and essence that minimizes the big pores and provides a silky looking skin. The Horse chestnut extract tightens the pores which gives the skin moisture balance.

Other ingredients include Saponin, Kui Satin, such as Chem Ferrol flavonoids, tannins, and contains the antioxidant, anti-aging ingredients, tighten and soothes skin.

This is a big bottle and contains 200 ml (6.4 fl oz) of product, which will last you a very long time.

This product is another holy grail for my skin care routine. I never go a day without using it. This is really good to use especially on special occasions where you need good foundation coverage. With my skin have such large pores, putting on heavy foundation gives me that very cakey porish look and of course the oil, which will give me that shine, which it is not wanted on special occasions. This product helps to minimize the pores and prevents the product from going into the pores and clogging them up. This also prevents the skin from break outs.

The look of the product has this beautiful light teal color with a controlled pump. I like that there is a controlled pump so you are not putting too much of the product on your face. It also has a pump cap to protect the products inside as well.

The consistency is very smooth, it does have a slight smell, so if you don’t like any products that has fragrance then this is not the product for you. I really like the smooth consistency of the product, it has this gel-water like consistency and applies very smooth onto the skin. You don’t need much product for your face because of how the product glides onto your skin giving you full coverage.

I really love this product because I have been using it for about 1 year now. I discovered this product when I went again to The Face Shop before moving. I wanted to give it a try and bought the bottle, I have got to say, I like using this product. Like I said the consistency is so smooth and not too thick. I like thin formula that you apply on the face because my skin is already oily and apply thick consistency product on my face will just plug up the pores. I like using this product after I apply my moisturizer. I want the pores and the skin the absorb the moisture so it tells the skin that it is moisturized. Then I use the pore tightening to seal the products into the skin.

Over the 1 year I’ve used it, I’ve seen a change in my pores. I apply mainly on my T-zone area, where I am more oilier. I’ve seen my pored have gotten smaller and the oiliness on my skin has been reduced. Of course there are still some but on the T-zone area it is fairly controlled.

I highly recommend this product to people that have oily skin and have big pores. The way to control that oily skin is to minimize the pores and moisturize your skin. This does both and if you add in another moisturizer that controls oily skin then it “slays” your oily skin. 🙂 The only downside to this product is that it does have a slight fragrance, but this doesn’t bother me at all.

Well guys this product review is short and sweet for you. Hope that you guys are enjoying my new entries. Don’t forget to follow me, subscribe for email notifications and comment below. I would love to hear from my readers 🙂


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