Inspirational Music Monday

Welcome to another episode of Music Monday. First off before I begin, I would like to apologize for not posting anything on Saturday and Sunday. I have just been swamp and busy with studying for my NLCEX and just life in general. I promise that I’ll try to keep up with the momentum. -_-

Alright the theme for this episode are songs that will inspire and motivate you. I figured that some of these episodes will have a theme to them and well some will just be random.

The first song is called Only Gets Better by Maddi Jane. This song first off the beat, is this up beat song with a cheery piano piece. The lyrics just hit you home, I suggest when listening to this song, to read the lyrics. This song will give you flashbacks of your trials and the time when you are at your lowest point. Even now when you are currently experiencing the darkest of times and the lowest of lows, it will tug at your heart. You will feel a sense of relief and sadness, you will feel all the emotions of the things that you have been through and then it will give you this sense of relief that light is at the end of the tunnel. 🙂 Listen to this song and let it just take you to a place of comfort.

This next song is War Paint By Fletcher. Now when I listen to this song, I get this image of me being a Queen of a castle and there is a war going on. I see the castle ready to fall and the enemy are at my door steps, then I hear this song and as the song escalates, I dress up in this armor and put on my “war paint on” with my sword and my loyal guards march to the battle front and defend my kingdom. Haha yes I know I have a very imaginative mind. But you know it’s all good! Songs should be like that, songs should take you to a place and make you imagine and feel the emotions of the song. This song do just that. It not only motivates and inspire you to keep fighting, but literally guys when I listen to this song during the buildup of the song I get up on my feet and when it says “bring the big guns out” I am up and I’m throwing my fist up in the air…and I say “TAKE THAT LIFE! Watch me conquer you! Is that all you got because I can take anything you throw at me!” Yup this song is just something and if you didn’t listen to it yet, go and listen! I promise it will be one of your anthem songs 🙂

This next song is another song by Fletcher called Princess. This song was released this year so it’s fairly new. 🙂 Now the beat of this song, starts of mellow, but the first verse already catches you. Then the pre-chorus is just like war paint with the cello playing in the background, you just want to get up and look up at the sky, then the chorus hits and man it’s like an arrow just shot through you and all the emotions comes flooding back. As you keep listening to the song, you just want to start crying. The song is soooo powerful because it covers the many insecurities and problems that we go through. This song just tells just that no matter how much your life is not what it is, don’t worry because you have to hold your head high, and just keep pushing through the dark, don’t lower your head, you are powerful. The only strength you need is yourself, you will pass this phase of your life…..Don’ Let you crown Fall 🙂

The last song is an instrumental. Eclipse by Jim Yosef, this is a master piece. It gets you soo hyped up! The escalation of the music and then bam! You just want to get up off your feet and jump around! Now, some of you may think, “is this supposed to be inspirational?” …”Isn’t this supposed to inspire and motivate us?”

Well let me go into more details guys, sometimes when I feel so down and just don’t feel it. Like I’m sad or angry that “I want to punch someone” type of mood, I listen to this song to release my energy. Sometimes when we are angry, down and sad about something we have all of this negative energy in ourselves that the best thing to do with all that negative energy is to release it. This song will help you do that, it will help you to release that energy and replace it with positive feel good energy. Fair warning though you will look funny dancing and jumping around to this music. Sometimes when I listen to this song, I just imagine myself in like a music video where you are dancing and whipping your hair like a super model. Haha its pretty funny to imagine yourself like that but it gets you in a good mood. I also recommend listening to this song while running, man I tell you, you start off with a slow pace then as the song escalates your running pace also increases lol Alright without further ado here is the song 🙂

Alright guys that is all for today, but I hope that you can take away something from this episode. No matter what you are going through in life, know that you are not alone. I have gone through so many things in my life that I also understand what you may be going through. The situations may not be the same, but the feelings and the emotions that we feel are. We think sometimes that no one understands me, that I feel like a failure, or I’m not pretty enough, I’m not skinny enough, I’m not smart enough etc.. I have many of these thoughts on a day to day basis, but I don’t let the darkness take over me. I open up the windows, let the light shine in, smell the flowers, listen to songs that will uplift my soul, surround myself with positive people and most importantly, I look to GOD for the guidance and help. Yes sometimes, I do get those thoughts why God would you let this happen to me, why God did you put this person on earth to hurt me, why God did you put these thoughts in my mind, why God why…but you know what, GOD does not give us things that we cannot handle…that means that if we are going through the shittiest (sorry for swearing) time in our lives, it’s because GOD knows that we can handle it. That we are STRONG enough to get through it. I believe that GOD does help us and show us answers to our prayers, in a different way. Like these songs, I believe we discover these songs for a purpose that god is saying “I’m right here child, listen to this song so it will motivate and inspire you to push forward for the future I have planned for you”

So..guys PUSH FORWARD! Keep FIGHTING, put that WAR PAINT on and FIGHT for your HAPPINESS 🙂

Till next time my dear readers GOD BLESS 🙂 I’ll leave you guys with a few of my favorite inspirational sayings by Heather Stillufsen



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