Clean Face Mild Toner & Lotion Review


This will be my first entry in a new series that I am currently working on. Many people, including myself, have used the internet to look for good products for their skin, hair, and makeup. So, this new series is all dedicated to beauty tips that I learned through trial and errors. I am not a makeup artist or a beauty guru, I am sharing these products because I used them and through experience believe that they work for my type of skin. So, let’s get this started.

This first product I will be reviewing is the Clean Face Mild Toner & Mild Lotion from The Face Shop.  This product is 130 ml (4.39 fl oz), made from tea tree oil which helps to clear and treat oily skin. The Clean Face Mild Toner & Mild Lotion is perfect for all skin types, but most definitely perfect for oily skin.

The Face Shop Company is a South Korean beauty company. This company produces products from makeup, hair care, and most especially face care products.

The Clean Face Mild Toner & Mild Toner, is perfect for all skin time and oily skins. I love this product because I have used this for 6 years. You can just say that this is my holy grail for my skin care product. I have very oily and acne-prone skin, which means that my face will be covered with pimples if I don’t balance the products that I use on my face. When I was younger, I had really big problems with my skin. Many of the skin products that I bought in the US was not working well with my skin because the moisturizer either had a very thick consistency or too oily for my skin. The toners that I bought before used to dry out my skin so much, then added the thick moisturizer would result in my skin being too oily which caused my makeup to just run off and my face to break out with pimples. For many years I have searched good skin care products for my skin. I didn’t discover this product until I went to study abroad to South Korea.

South Korea is very well known to have good skin care products. While I was going to school in South Korea, I was introduced to many face shops, like Etude house, Tony Molly, Nature Republic etc… there were so many face shops in Korea that I was very fortunate to try out many samples. I noticed that this particular product from the face shop worked well with my skin so I decided to buy some.

However, all good things come to an end. When I came back to Hawaii, I had to stop using the face products that I purchased because I ran out and there were no shops that I could purchase this from. So when The Face Shop opened in Hawaii in 2010 at the McCully Shopping Center, I had to go check it out and see if they had my product that I needed and low and behold they had it. I purchased that product and have been using it since then.

This product is a 2 step process after washing your face. My biggest recommendation is to wash your face while taking a warm/hot shower, this will open up the pores to give you a very good deep cleaning and allow the toner and moisturizer to be absorbed by the skin which results to closing your pores and controlling the oil production in your face. After washing your face, get a piece of cotton and pour a good amount onto the cotton and spread it to your face and neck. Then the lotion follows.

The toner is a liquid consistency and this will help prep your face for the moisturizer/lotion to be well absorbed by the skin. The lotion/moisturizer has a medium consistency. It’s not too thick that it will just clog up your pores and make you oilier. The medium consistency helps with good coverage and provides enough moisture to your skin that it will prevent you from drying up but also controls the oil in your skin.

The packaging is not too exciting, but it’s a product, it doesn’t have to look great for me to use it. Just as long as it does its job. The product is housed in this glass beige color. It is tall and will give you about 6 months to 1 year of used. I run out of the toner faster than the lotion, though. But that’s expected since the toner is liquid you tend to use more than the lotion. The products are smooth and have a good consistency. In the picture of the product here are 2 little bottles get to them, these bottles are the sample bottles you get from The Face Shop when you make a purchase. I suggest if you any products or even just browsing around the store, ask for a sample of this and sample it out before buying the actual product. It is pretty expensive compared to drug store brands but pretty cheap compared to Lineage or Clinique.

Overall the Clean Face Mild Toner & Lotion, is the perfect skin care product to add into your skin care routine. I highly recommend trying this out especially if you are like me that have oily skin and acne prone skin. If you guys have any questions or suggestions regarding the product comment below. Talk to you guys on my next blog. 🙂



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