Top 3 songs for the Week

Its Monday, which means its the start of the work week for the majority of us. As for me studying never stops so its just that typical day for me. But…sometimes I like to just give myself some time to youtube to find some cool and interesting songs. One of my most favorite youtube platform I like to visit is JompaMusic, they post awesome new songs from great DJs that just makes well…”your pantys drop”

One of the recent uploaded song is called Fyah by METR, one good thing is it has this raggae vibe. Which for me, living in Hawaii, I always love it when musicians incorporate that raggae beat in there. Now, this song does give off that really good summer time feel, but when you listen to the music and then the build up followed by that drop of the beat, man it just makes you want to go crazy and dance with the song. Check the song out below and let me know what you guys think of it. Also check out JompaMusic on youtube. If you love the song they have the DL link as well.

Another song that I think is just perfect for the summer was also uploaded by JompaMusic on youtube. Summer of Love by TACACHO ft. Cider Sky, has that feeling of summer. When listening to this song, its best to play it in your car while you are driving on the country side surrounded by greenery and the car roof down feeling the wind against your face… yes guys, its that perfect! But if you guys don’t live in the country it always gives that summer feeling vibe when you drive through the city too, so it works both ways. This song is not available for download but it is available on TACACHO’s soundcloud account, and if you have soundcloud on your phone well then just sync that to your bluetooh on your car or the audio jack and you are on your way to feeling the summertime vibe. 🙂 Check out the song below and also i’ll provide the link to TACACHO’s sound cloud. Engjoy

Just one more song for you guys, this was uploaded last month but I really love how this was composed. I love chillstep music and ofcourse my great source for awesome music is youtube and soundcloud, can’t imagine my music list without these plastforms. Anyways, the song is call Broke Elegance by River & Sky. Seriously guys, beat of this song is just amazing, I love listening to this while I’m studying before well ofcourse there are no lyrics, but the song just takes you out of reality and gets you into this focus state of mind. But I’ll let you guys be the judge of that for yourself. Below is the song.


Well guys I hope you guys enjoy by TOP 3 songs, and hope that these well get you through this week. Keep smiling and always remember, there is nothing you can’t do, beleive in yourself that you have the power to creat your happiness. Aloha


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