Holiday Catch-up

The holidays have gotten me super busy that  have not posted anything since before Thanksgiving, but I am back now and hopefully I will try to post more every week. 🙂

Thanksgiving, was an eventful night, had lots of family members joining us and did some karaoke. Christmas was small but still a good night spent with the family. My cousins also came home for the holidays and it was good to catch up them. New Years Eve was a great night spent with many families from all sides. We all bring up the new year with lots of laughter and fun, I’m not gonna lie there were drinking involved too but hey, I’m sure everyone had a few drinks that night too. We also sang karaoke that my aunty bought from the Philippines and man I gottah say it is the ultimate karaoke entertainment of the Campollo household. I will also make this short and sweet.

I just want to overall give thanks to the blessings that I have received in 2015 and starting off the new year on a good note. I pray that 2016 will be another year filled with more happiness and good memories. Enjoy the pictures below.


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