2016 dreams and goals

Yup, its that year again when everyone is making their New Year Resolution to lose weight, to work more, or to just simply relax more. I find that these are some of the most common new year resolution and I admit, I was one of the many that USED to make a new years resolution. But this year, I think that I won’t make a new years resolution because I find that life is unexpected and things come into the picture unexpectedly that causes you to rethink your resolution. So this year, besides studying by butt off and passing the NCLEX, I will just go with the flow and see how far my mini goals will take me. I feel that just going with the flow will keep me from having too high of an expectation to myself.

I learned that I am too hard on myself when it comes to my dreams and goals. My dream will always be there and the fore front of my mind, but I feel that my goals, can easily be modified and if I make goals that are smaller to reach the ultimate goal and dream and I won’t be disappointed in the future if somethings comes in the way of I go off the path a little. I learned that I may go off the path in some years but I always end up with the same hopes and dream. I think that living 26 years you learn a lot, about yourself, your family and ultimately the meaning of your existence. I learned a lot through just being on this earth for 26 years.

Alright I’ll make this short and won’t bore you with so much, but keep in mind that life does not end when you fail at something, keep going and know that the path is not ALWAYS straight.


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