Wanderlust Feeling

This photo I found on the web and resembles what I currently feel right now. Recently I have been looking back on pictures of my time in Korea and also aerial videos of beautiful places like Scotland or Greenland. Its just that I have this crazy urge to travel again, but something is holding me back on doin that, which is of course my studies and getting that nursing license. Lately I have been also aggravated and restless, like I want to just get away from the problems and the crazy situations that I am currently in regarding my family. Its been a really hard summer, but as I start to see many of my nursing friends pass their board exams and starting their life, I get more and more motivated. There are some days where I am scared half to death and thinking of all the What Ifs, but then I think of what my pastor at church has been preaching for the past month about not worrying and putting all my trust in GOD. I know that many people keep telling me that, that I just have to have faith in him, but its hard when you know there are so many things that can go wrong. I’m glad though that my pastor has repeatedly preached about this because all the What ifs that I think about is just the devil diverting my faith away from GOD and that I know that I need that constant reminder that GOD is the almighty and powerful GOD. GOD has brought me this far in my dreams and I know that GOD will not just stop here. He will not give up on me and so should I. I should not give up and I should keep persevering so that some day SOON, I will travel and feel that freedom.  Well that is all  I can write today, but I’ll leave you guys with this wonderful song and video made my The Piano Guys. There are absolutely amazing and if you don’t know them by now check out their video down below. God Bless and Aloha. 🙂


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