Being Blessed

On Sunday I learned a valuable lesson from our pastor. He said that the storms that you are going through does is given by god himself. He gives you these storms not to punish you but to lift you up. But, have you ever given thanks to GOD when you get through those storms? This makes me question myself if I have ever given thanks to GOD for what he has gotten me through so far. All my success was thanks to him. After I graduated, I never given the time to just talk to GOD and say thank you for him for blessing me through nursing school. I know that things that I am going through is a way for GOD to make me realize that I am nothing without him. Through him all my hopes and dreams are possible. My future will also be possible through him. SO….this is my challenge to myself that before I go to sleep I will give him thanks for blessing me through the day and waking me up every morning for I know that he has not given up on me and my dreams.

Remember everyone, that GOD has our life in his hands, everyday he forgives our sins but never once did he ever ask to give thanks to him. He is the ever forgiving lord who loves his children unconditionally and sees our potential in life and what we have to offer to his glory and kingdom.

Well this is just a small insert for the day. have a good day everyone. šŸ™‚


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