Inspirational Songs & Video

There are 2 amazing songs that I want to share tonight. The first song above is Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez. This video that was created by a youtuber and this song match perfectly together. The images of the beauty of the world is absolutely inspiring. I can imagine myself traveling someday. Spending my hard earned money to travel and see the wonderful creations that the lord has made. I nearly teared up when I was watching this while listening to the song because, it is a very motivational piece. Especially right now with all the emotions that I have been feeling lately of hopelessness, this just gives me some sort of light at the end of the very dark tunnel.

The second song below, is My Everything by OwlCity. This singer is absolutely amazing! This song gets across that GOD is the one true light and the almighty GOD divine who continuously bless my life in so many different ways.

Recently I have been going through a very emotional roller coaster ride. Day after day I have just been feeling discourage about my passing my NCLEX examination. I have been withdrawn from my family and especially have been taking my anger and frustrations towards them. They are also feeling my tension and I just cant seem t release it. That’s why finding these 2 songs give me a sense of courage and hope that someday SOON I will reach what I am working so hard for and create new goals and dreams. Its been a very hard journey and it is still not over until I see that word PASS on my result. I have many friends that have already taken it and they are on their way to closing that chapter of their life and starting a new one. While my chapter is still going and the feeling of never ending scares me. But I just have to have faith in myself and GOD the father. He has always pulled me through my tough challenges. I had to work extra hard because GOD will not just hand it to me just like that. He has always shown his ultimate power in times of need and peace. That’s why everyday I give thanks to him. With this last song GOD is truly my everything for without him continuously guiding me I would not be here where I am today.

Hope that you all have a good night that’s it for now.


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