God and his amazing and surprising plans


Lately the picture above is one of my current view. The library where I study has absolutely beautiful windows that are set up so that when a person sits on the sitting areas that are placed around the library you see this great amazing view that shows the beauty of my home town. The picture below is my current view as well. It’s getting close to the date that I scheduled myself to take my NCLEX and as I think about the date I’m getting more and more nervous. But I know that I just need to believe in my abilities that I will make it through. GOD has blessed me this far and I know that he will continue to help me through my path that he has written for me. I get overwhelmed when I think about my exam date but I also feel a sense of peace when I think of GOD being there with me. Sometimes I feel that he places his might hands on my shoulder and says to me that it will all be ok. I know that there has been a lot of set backs through out my nursing career but those were all done and planned by GOD to mold and shape me to be humble and to build me up.

Food for thought to all the readers, remember that your success and your happiness is all because of GOD. Yes you did it on your own and you worked hard on your own but remember that GOD has written your life before you were born. He knows when you will fall and he will most definitely know when you succeed. Give thanks to him and never forget that he is always with you. ❤



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