The bad and the good feelings

Lately I feel myself getting more and more angry and irritated about every little thing. I feel that I don’t have the sense of outlet to release my anger and I take it out on my parents and grandparents. I feel really guilty that I am taking out my anger on them. So I need to try to find a place where I am alone for at least an hour to just relieve my stress of the day. I need to quickly get myself together so I can effectively study so that I can take that test and eventually pass my test.

On the good note, I was able to get together with some of my good friends from high school. It was such a blessing that I was able to have that night to just relieve the stress of the week and just hang out and chill with them. We ended up staying there till 4am and it was all worth it. It absolutely the right timing to have that because I really needed that outlet to forget about the stress and relieve it. Hopefully this will help me to reconnect with them again because I honestly do miss them a lot. ❤



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