Latest Drama Update

These past weekend have been pretty crazy. I just got a confirmation about a lingering rumor that have been circulating within our family for quite a long time now. Recently the  can of worms have unleashed and everything is now out in the open. New evidence came out and 2 star crossed lovers flee the scene of the crime. Leaving the family to wonder and speculate more on what is really going on. For me I really don’t care about what is going on with the adults, my biggest concern is how my younger cousins will cope with the latest news. My responsibility as an older cousin is to provide the emotional support they need as they go through this tough time. Now my dad and my uncle has to step up their responsibility at the 2 oldest here to console, advice and try to solve and keep the peace with the family.

At times like this I really wish that my grandfather was here to give us some the guidance to get through this trial. I know that he is watching over us trying to guide us in the right direction and GOD meant for this to come out now so that we may learn and finally have the closure we need to move on. I pray that my cousins will not give up on their life and shut themselves from the world. I will do as much as I can as the 2nd oldest to provide the help they need as best I can. I just need to get through passing my exams so I can help them more and be the manang they can turn to.

This news is not easy for everyone and it wont get any better any time soon, but just as long as the family gets together to not judge but to help each other up we will get through this alright. Lord, may you please let this be the open door we need to get pass this obstacle, mend the broken hearts and turn the misunderstanding to understanding.

That’s all I got for now, need to study and focus so I can escape this place and help my cousins better. ❤ Till the nest news comes in, bye bye


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