A Relaxing Weekend

20150625_000435948_iOSThis weekend was surprisingly a very relaxing weekend with minimal drama. My parents had a 3 days of day off and 3 days of craziness. From helping my father with pressure washing the house, to helping my mother cook while balancing to fit study time for my NCLEX. I also got time to go out and spend some time with an old high school friend. I was able to satisfy my craving for Korean food and watched a few movies that recently came out. It was a weekend that was full of blessings. On top of that yesterday was my parents 20th wedding anniversary. Wow, 20 years of being married, that pretty crazy to think about considering how much trials and tribulation they went through and currently are going through with their marriage. However, with all the opposition they are still going strong and day by day learning new things about their marriage. I pray that it will keep going strong. Its Monday which means its another week of studying for my NCLEX. Day by day as I look at my schedule I feel that I have to keep pushing things back so I can fit everything and cover as much content as I can so I know that I’m prepared for that test when it finally comes.

Enough about that now, just wanted to quickly update this. Time to get back to study mode. 🙂


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