Capturing the moon

20150626_073802000_iOS copyLast night was just an absolutely beautiful night. The moon was bright and out to play while there was no clouds in sight. I decided it was the perfect time to play with my camera and play around with the different settings. I finally was able to capture the moon with my camera and I was pretty proud of myself for figuring it out.

As I looked at the captured moon on my camera, I started to analyze and think that life is like the moon, you will have the dark side and the lighter side. But we need both to be a whole person. The moon also symbolizes that we all have the period in our lives that were both the bad and the good, but we decide whether we let the dark take over our lives or have faith in ourselves and let the light take over. I learned that the way the moon gets is shine is because of the sun. The surface of the moon reflects light from the sun. I see this as the sun being GOD in our lives that shines on us the moon so that we may be seen by others. I see that god shines on us in different was and sometimes he only shines the light in on particular part in our lives and gives us some darkness to learn from it and to help us grow and shine brighter. Just like a parent that wants to see his children shine. 🙂

Yes I know that I see a lot of symbolism but that is how I see it and that GOD gives us these thoughts so that we may see his light and that we see how he is always there giving us the answer but all we have to do is open our eyes and ears to see and listen to his advice. 🙂

Hope you all have a great night! Time to study!



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