Newinsight of the situation

This morning I got a call from my school psychologist to help me with my current problem. She was able to give me insight on the problem and helped me to find a resolution that will help. She also made me realize that using my current problem as an excuse not to study is not healthy and not beneficial to me at all.

She said don’t use your current problem as an excuse. It is within myself to study or not. This is a test to see how much will power and determination I can put myself into studying how much will I commit. I need to stop playing the pity game and just “do me” I am this close to the finish line and the only thing standing between me and my goal is that NCLEX. I WILL PASS! With the determination and perseverance I will pass. I have come this far and made it this far to give up now. I went through a lot of trial and tribulation during nursing school, this current problem I have I can overcome it. I just need to believe in myself. Believe and pray and I WILL make!



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