Keep Believing & Keep Dreaming

This morning I woke up feeling a little down under the weather. I keep thinking to myself if it is possible for me to pass my NCLEX if there are so many factors in my life that are not going so well. I just kept doubting myself until I saw this post by the same person. It said that if I believe anything is possible. This also reminded me of a scripture from the bible John 3:16 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” This scripture has been a part of me since I learned about it in Sunday school when I was younger. I have used this scripture through out my years in nursing school. It amazes me that I have forgotten about it and it took just this picture to remind me that all things are possible if we just believe in ourselves and to GOD to get us through the most toughest obstacles in life.

I feel that this picture also reminded me that GOD had already planned out lives and the obstacles and problems that we are currently going through right now is in his plans. He doesn’t give us a problem that we cannot handle and till this day GOD is still shaping us to be the perfect son & daughter to him. Just like this beautiful sculpture below, in able to make that perfect sculpture, we have to go through many beatings, sculpting, and being burned. GOD is our artist that he is trying to create us in his image. We go through these to be made into that beautiful sculpture that everyone will adore and admire. So we just have to keep believing and keep dreaming that anything is POSSIBLE through GOD and through US!



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