Longing to find happiness


These past few days I catch myself looking through old pictures, especially pictures of when I took the biggest adventure of my life so far. That adventure was one of pure happiness. I traveled to Seoul, South Korea in the Fall of 2009 of my second year in college with my best friend. At that time I was 20 years old and when I stepped foot in Korea, I felt that I stepped into this magical world. A country girl from Hawaii venturing off to a place so far away was like a fairytale. I never thought I would see myself traveling to a different country with just my best friend and I. No family or no connections just us 2 traveling together to this unknown land we called Korea. For me I am a very imaginative kind of person and everywhere I go and explored in Korea was something beautiful and magical.

Being in Korea was one of the happiest time of my life. There was a moment of sadness but I overcame them and just pushed to live the remaining last few months there. I have shared many great memories with my best friend there and have explored many new things. As I looked through the many videos and pictures we took from that trip makes me miss it. Miss that happiest time of my life. Away from reality of life. It was my very own escape, my own paradise, my own happiness and I long to experience and feel that happiness again. Someday when all my strings are tied and the last chapter of my nursing school is completed I want to visit that magical place again.



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