Life is Beautiful

One last entry for the night. Today I found this beautiful illustration on facebook from this person name Heather Stillufsen. This illustration really hit home for me today, because I have been experiencing a lot of bad instead of the good and wishing that I can put myself where only good things are happening. But that’s not the reality of life. We must learn to take the good with the bad because without the bad we will never experience the good. I always think that whatever happens in my life whether the good or the bad, it happens for a reason and it is all in GODs plan that these things are happening. The bad comes into our lives temporarily so we may learn from it and appreciate all the good things in life that GOD has blessed us with.

This past few weeks was a rough one for me and I hope that the following months will be a little bit more of an easier road. Well that’s it for now until tomorrow.

Good night everyone. 🙂



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