Post-Grad Update


Its been a month since I graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Nursing and it has been a tremendous blessing! The weeks leading to graduation was a big blur. I myself did not know if was able going to graduate or not, but with the blessing of the lord I was able to pass my classes and pass! I also received great news that my entire Campollo family planned to fly to Oahu for my graduation. That in itself was the greatest blessing of all because I got to  see throughout my entire college life that I’ve had the support and prayers from my family.

The week after graduation was a whirlwind of packing up, shipping my 7 years worth of stuff back to Big Island. I got to say that it was a sad day when I left Oahu. Oahu had became my second home and it felt weird to wake up the next day in the Big Island. I know that I will be back in Oahu again, but it was a bitter sweet farewell for now.

Currently, it is raining in Kohala and I am right now reviewing for my NCLEX, the last step to my long chapter of my nursing school. It has been a big help that I moved back because I no longer feel alone but surrounded by my family, who constantly call me or my parents and grandparents who constantly support me. I’ll keep this update short and sweet and hopefully I can try to keep up with daily entries?


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