Quick Update

Well its been a year since I last updated my blog, this is just a quick update on how my life is going!

This school year Fall 2013-Spring 2014, has truly been a blessing, I am currently finishing up my classes for my Level 3 courses. It is truly amazing how GOD can work in such wondrous ways, GOD has truly shown his great power in helping me get this far in the Nursing program. Through the all the stress of school, family, and finance, GOD was there to get me through it all. 

I also moved out from my Liliha home to my best friends house! It was a blessing in disguise that my best friend offered for me to live in her house and help take care of it while she’s gone. 🙂

GOD has made great miracles for me this school year and I can’t wait what else he has in store for me for the next school year. Wish me luck as I try to pass my summer classes! I’ll try to keep this updated. 


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