Losing Someone

Recently I have been struck with another sad news, my uncle who has been battling cancer has finally passed away. The one big emotion that has been playing over and over in me is shocked, shocked that he is gone, shocked that after all that the family went through we left us. But as I keep thinking over and over again, I think that he was ready to accept the fact that he will soon pass away and he was a peace with himself when he left. One thing that I have learned through out the years of experiencing death is that death is inevitable, it is something that everyone goes through in time and the people that they leave will behind will experience sadness, pain and loneliness, however, we are born to be resilient, that means that no matter if we have lost someone or if we gone through life with many trials and tribulations, we are meant to get back up on our feet and keep going. That is how we are built. No matter how much pain it is to see my family go through the loss of my uncle, I will try to stay strong for them. It will be a rough half of 2013 but I know that if I continue to be there for my family and lend a shoulder to cry on, I know that this sadness and pain will pass. 


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