A hopeless romantics but realistic about love….

Yes, I can fairly say that I am a hopeless romantics, I want someone that I would love not just as a boyfriend but as a person too. I want to be inspired by the way they live their life, so inspired it makes me want to be a better person. They would challenge me in areas I’ve always been afraid to go near. They would force me to go on that one roller coaster I’ve always wanted to try but I’d always chicken out. I would keep saying “No!” but they would hold my hand and I’d thank them in the end for helping me get over my fear. They’d help me do my homework whenever I feel lost and teach me how to be less lazy. I want to know everything about them. We’d sit on the swings on a breezy day and they would tell me about their day and what scares them the most. I would listen to him and smile because we’re simply together and that’s all I need. They’ll tell me when I do something that bothers them and I would argue that it’s not my fault and then realize that I’m just being silly in the end. All of our arguments would end in laughter in how ridiculous we are. We would make ugly faces and do dorky things that would make people think we’re crazy when they pass by. We’d come up with inside jokes and make jokes about things that honestly isn’t that funny but we crack up anyways. We would talk on the phone late at night and have in depth conversations about life and come up with our own theories about existence. We would let each other hang out with our own friends but we’d still miss each other. If I was fighting with my best friend and I asked for your opinion, you wouldn’t be biased and tell me bluntly if I was being too sensitive. We’d go stargazing together and scream at the top of our lungs because you love the thought of being free. It would hurt to see you sad but I’d admire the way you’re strong enough to express your feelings. I would give you a big hug to try to make you feel better then try to make you smile. You would chase after your dreams and I’d support you because I’d respect the way you strive for what you want. I want someone who knows their purpose, knows how to live their life and makes me a better person.

However, no matter how much I am all for falling in love, being with that person and doing romantic things with them, I am still realistic about love. I find that it’s attractive to see someone working hard to their goal, and succeeding. It’s that great feeling knowing that you were someone in their life that stuck by that person through thick and thin the whole time pushing them to succeed.

Not only that, another benefit is they’re busy most of the time with their schedule, leaving any time left over to be with their family or you. That is if you’re the type of person that worries if they’re talking to any other person that could be trying to steal your significant other away from you. It’s just to be safe right, cause we all know there’s people that can’t help but to flirt with someone else even after they’re taken.

I mean falling for someone ambitious seems a lot more appealing to me than someone that always has free time for you. Eventually wouldn’t you get tired of constantly seeing that person, and take them for granted. I rather be with someone that doesn’t have a lot of time to spend with me physically, however when I do get the chance to see her/him, I want it to feel like the first time I saw her/him, or close to it at least.


One thought on “A hopeless romantics but realistic about love….

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