Love that last through a lifetime

During the winter break that I was home, I was able to spend a lot of time with my parents, I was able to see something that I did not notice until now. Although they we went through a rough patch in their marriage they still managed to stay together and love each. I seen in their eyes, their love for each other. Although they maybe bicker and fight, those are the things that keep their marriage interesting. I’ve seen that their constatn bickering and fighting leads to a hilarious make up session. Like my mom would tease my dad or my dad would tease my mom. I seen that their love got stronger over the years, they managed to get through many problems together and as I see them get older and older, their love is still fresh and new just like when they frist meet. They are still like little kids, teasing each other and having those lovey dovey display of affection.

So, as I think this through of my parents love, I want to have that someday, I want a long lasting relationship. One that I can brag to my grand children about, saying that soul-mates really do exists. One where I can share everything with that person and truly feel safe in their arms. I want to be able to know that person like I know myself. Knowing that they’re my second half. I want us to be with each other through everything; Like graduation, college, jobs, marriage, and every little things in between. I want to be able to grow old and be able to look back on our memories, reminiscing about all the good times we had. I want a special love that will last through a lifetime.

Some day I will have that, I will eventually find that special someone that will sweep me off my feet and take me away on a magical journey.


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