I am a hopeless romantic


Since Valentaine’s Day is coming up real soon, I’ve been thinking and thinking and well…..I’ve come to realize that I am a sentimental dreamer who dreams about the perfect love story of falling in love, being in love, and loving so much that it begins to hurt. I believe in true love, soul-mates, fairy-tales, and an ending with the words “happily ever after”. I love every little romantic aspects of being in a relationship. I not only like the idea of someone holding me, but also the idea of having someone else to hold. In my mind, love is just that simple. Two individuals who are willing to give up everything and anything to make the other person happy. No complications, a hopeless romantic’s mind is set in perfection. Some people might think this is a foolish way of thinking about love, that there are bound to be obstacles. But don’t get me wrong, I know those obstacles exist. I just like to be optimistic about the most beautiful thing in the world, which we all know, is love.


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