Random thoughts on my week

They say that hard work pays off…in the end. haha well after Wednesday, it was back to studying for my finals which was today. Finally survived that class that was the major obstacle for me in my nursing program. I’m glad that now, I know that I pass. However, I am still worried, I studied so hard and worked so hard for this class. The hard work shows, so now!!! I am going to enjoy my remaining 2 weeks left of summer and just have fun.

Although the public colleges started school today, I am still going to enjoy this remaining 2 weeks with my friends….hahah but its kinda sad that I wont be able to be hanging out with you a little more. But I hope that we will get to see each once in a while….I Hope….

Well this is going to be short and sweet, have to go home and deposit money on my bank account, cause have to pay bills tomorrow, and plus I have no money to spend on things right now. bleh….really need a part time job.


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