Judging a book by it’s cover

“Don’t judge me, you don’t know me. You only know my name, so shut up. You just see the cover of my book, but you haven’t read my story.”

This quote stands to be true in every way. For the past few weeks now, there have come up people judging me before they even got to know me. Please, don’t expect that I may show this cute happy go lucky girl look that you think you already know me. There is more to my story behind those smiles. I have been through so many things in my lifetime. If I would to tell you, you would feel yourself with envy and just be my friend because you would feel bad. I dont want that.

So please stop judging like you know me and open my book to read my story. Sure it would take awhile for me to reveal my deepest darkest stories but in time when the trust had built between us then you will fully know the things that I went through.

I have faced many trails and tribulations, up till now I am still battling problems, but life is not about the straight smooth road, it the rough patches on the road that we get stronger as a person and learn from out mistakes and the problems we face. I am just so lucky now that I have wonderful friends that I can talk to about my problems. Before I could not trust no one, but over the years I just learn to trust people. Now this easily trusting people has resulted somewhat trouble for me, why? because I have come to find out that not everyone can be trusted. They can use your trust to turn against you and stab you in the back. It hurts to think that you would befriend someone and trust them with all your heart and they backstab you just like you were a piece of paper to be thrown away after you have used it. Its really painful feeling but I just learn to move on. Life moves on.

But no matter how may hardship and problems I go through, it’s alright because I have wonderful friends, family and offcourse the God almighty to get me through my hardest and most difficult time in my life.



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