Its been a long time Xanga!!

Wow i havent been updating this thing for a really long time!! wow!! well yeah anyways, its been 1 year now since I blogged of packing my bags to go to Korea, I really miss it there, but what can you do, my dream  is finally over and now it is back to reality. *sigh. lol well yeah anyways so many things have happened, I turned 21 and finally legal. hahaha crazy but true im officially getting old!! aaahhh, but yeah as i found out, as the years go by and i get older and older i learn that i also mature not only in looks but in my attitude, i know that i still have a lot to learn but as i start living my own life separate from my parents, i learn to b more independent and more responsible for myself. Hahaha yeah I’m learning a lot to things as i grow. lol. but yeah anyways just wanted to update this place since i havent been in here for heck of a long time, ill try to update more as the days go by! ^_^


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