Highlights of the month of September

WOW!! i cant believe its been like 1 month since I’ve been here in Korea!! and man so many things have happened these past few weeks!! First of all Ima recap on the what happened last month in September, after the Seoul Trip.
After the weekend of the Seoul Trip, it was time to get back to school and the stress and painful lectures of our boring classes. So anyways during that week nothing really happened, we went shopping and just cruising it. But on Friday, September 18, we went shopping with Heather’s coolio roommate Jimin!! She took us to Ewha to go shopping there, and also she took us someplace else I couldnt remember, but all I remember was Korean BBQ and man were they delicious!! yummo!! anyways after that we went cruising somemore and then we decided to go to a norebon (karaoke), so the four of us which were Jimin, Heather, Alesia, and I went to do some karaoke, we had a blast just singing, and Heather and I sang Love in the Ice, the english version, haha we sounded better than the other times we performed it. but yeah we also got free ice cream too!! that was cool, then we decided hey lets go clubbing so we did. We went to NB2, man that club was super duper crowded, but we had fun, Jimin didnt dance but she got a guys number by just sitting there and watching us dance!! lol..she’s a natural in getting guys!! haha!! jk!! anyways, we didnt get home till its was around 2 ish. When i got back from the dorm i had to take a shower cause man my clothes and hair smelled like smoke!! gaaah!! so i had to rinse my hair like 3 or 4 times that night, and i didnt go to sleep till like 3ish, and the next day was Asia Song Festival!! but yeah anyways i think i had like 4 hrs of sleep. but it was alright.
The next day on Saturday September, 19 was Asia Song Festival, and man we had a great time. We woke up early to line up to get the tickets, the foreign pple got VIP seats!! oh yeah!! they were great seats man!! i could actually see their faces!! haha!! anyways!! it was a really long day, i was complaining about how hot and sore my feet was and i tired i was!! and oh yeah while we were in line we meet these girls from Yonsei University and yeah there was another girl that was filipino which was cool. But yeah when we finally got our seat it was alreayd almost like freakin 5:30ish. but yeah idk when the concert started but when it did I was super excited. at firs they were playing these videos, then the MC’s came on and then there were these traditional Korean drummers and yeah!! then the opening acts then all the artist started to perform!! i got to see 2NE1, Big Bang, Super Junior, and Shuo Lo (from Taiwan) and V6 and Gackt from Japan, and oh yeah Mimiharu!! man there were so much!! but yeah Heather, Alesia, and I had a super super blast at the Asia Song Festival!! I also bought like a Big Bang glow stick and a bandanna!! at the end of the performance there was fire works and super super cool!! yeah!! i didnt get to take much pics or vids cause my camera ran out of memory!! but yeah!! that was one of my best nights ever!!

The last weeks of September was a blurr to me!! all I remember was school school school!! and i lil bit of shopping here and there!! haha!! but yeah!! i guess thats the highlights of the month of September!! ^_^v

October 13, 2009


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