Seoul Tour (Sept. 12, 2009)

Wow! Where should i start!! well yesterday we had another HUG field trip to another place which is SEOUL!! it was a really interesting tour because, first of all I was separated from Heather!! for the first time since we came to Korea, we was not able to see each other until the end of the night. However, it was a really good opportunity to see my skills in making friends!! and guess what!! i made really good friends!! so did Heather!! At first I was pretty nervous cause I wouldnt have Heather!! Usually when making friends Heather was the one to make the plan of capturing potential friends, but i have found out by the end of the trip that i was able to make friends with my own ability. Ok so back to the story, Yoona my group leader was like “hey Snyra dont worry!! Heather will be fine and you’ll have fun!! I’ll make sure of that!!” and so we Heather and I went our separate ways, We all went to the subway and that where i made a friend on the subway, her name is Neli, from Bulgaria!! she was really nice and pretty quite, she is majoring in like freakin Bussiness and Law!! all at the same time!! so we was talking on the subway then there was this Korean girl name “Jineun”? i think that was her name!!  and we was talking about the subway and how it was pretty crowded, and then she asked me if i came from the Philippines and I said no, Im from Hawaii, and she was like wow Hawaii!! i want to go there someday!! and like wow!! ok!! well back to that I was happily chatting away with also these other Korean boys in my group their names were “Son” and “Won”, yes I know their names sounds weired but thats what they wanted me to call them!! so anyways, Son who was this really dorky but nice looking korean boy asked what is my name and i said Snyra and man he had such a hard time pronouncing my name and then finally he was able to pronounce it. So anways, Won came into the conversation and he was like wat are you majoring in and i said Nursing and he was like wow!! nursing!! and im like yep!! and yeah so they was asking me how does it feel like to live in Hawaii and so i told them its pretty good, you go to the beach a lot and stuff like then then bam!! the train stops and I wasnt holding onto anything and i fell!! right on my but!! lucky thing there was this other Korean girl that was right behind me that helped me up!! man that was embarassing!! they was asking me if i was alright and all that we got off the station and it was super raining outside but lucy thing “Jineun” had an umbrella so she shared with me!! ^_^!!
so anways our first target was to go to this place called Doeksu Palace and but first we went to the museum that was close to the Palace, so i was able to see part of the history of Korea!! and it was really cool!! there was all these acient artifacts and scrolls that was well preserved!! wowzers!! so anyways!! after we walked around that BIG HUGE ASS PALACE!! took many pictures and talking to the new friends I made we was getting hungry!! and they was saying pegopa the whole time we was in the Palace, so i was like “nanun pegopa?” and “Jineun” and “Ashely” looked at me and they were like wow!! you know that word and im like yeah i learned it from a drama!! (note: this was a big mistake Heather just reminded me that that word was from Ai, when she taught it to us) so anyways, they were like saying do you know anymore words? and i was telling me umm kind of like i know how to say hello and thank you!! and i know how to say “chingu?” which means friend right? and they were like yeah!! so yeah and they were just like so wat do you do in hawaii on your spare time? and im like oh go to the beach, but the thing is i cant swim, and they were surprised because they though people from hawaii should know how to swim!! and i was kind of shy about saying that!! man!! i wish i learned how to swim!! but anways!! since everyone was hungry!! we went to Insa-dong and we ate dinner, first we waited for another group to join us, and we ate these chessnuts on the streest cause they was selling it!! it was really good and sweet!! then we all chatted a lil bit and then we couldnt wait for the group anymore so we just went ahead to eat. We went to this really fancy retaurant and we ordered our food. the food wasnt bad but  there were these two girls the Bulgarian girl Neli and this French girl, i cant remember her name, they couldnt eat spicy food, so they ordered bibimbap, and it was still spicy so they hardly ate anything, i kind of felt bad but at the same time i was like saying to myself, oh come on deal with it, if you cant eat spicy food whyd you come to Korea in the first place where they are known for their spicy foods!! but yeah anways the food was great and i was super full by the end of the meal!! yummy!!
Then we just strolled along Insa-dong and saw theses Karate performance or sumthing like that and also Yoona bought us these i think they are call “tokiyaki” in japanese…but yeah they were shaped really cool, it had a strawberry shape and a poop shaped, and when i reach into the bag i got a poop on!! but anyways it was still good!! so then we went to looking around looking at all these souvenirs, then we went to this place that looked like a mini-shopping mall!! its was pretty cool, so anyways we had to wait for another group and so we strolled around the ground floor where there were this person that was advertising like alcohol, and you can taste it for free and Yoona and Ashley made me taste it and it was pretty good actually!! haha!! so yeah they the other group came and it was none other than my buddy’s group!! and they were the Korean speaking group!! so yeah!! i got to see my buddy!! Seung-Ho!! ^_^v so yeah and then he wanted to try some too so he did and she was like hey you should try this and im like oh i already tried it…and he asked me if it was good and i said it was alright!! and so yeah then came that girl that likes to hold hands and i found out her name is Hyo-Jeong Son. So yeah she saw me and she was like oh hi!! where is heather!! and i was like oh she is in another group and she was like saying oh wow!! you guys are always together!! but its ok!! you make lots of friends!! and im like i am!! and she was like awe cute!! but man she is so energetic!! but yeah anyways!! after that we walked around mall looking thing!! and the funny thing about it its a building and you just go around and around aroudn untill you reach the top and it was pretty cool cause i was hanging out with Ashley and the rest of the pple that talked korean and also we took pcitures with this guys big camera!! and i got to talk to Seung-ho and took pictures with him!! haha!! ok it was a group picture!! so anyways!! yeah after we were done we walked to the Chungge Chun Square  and as we was walking there was these small looking old ladies that tap my sholder and asked me a question but i didnt understand them, but Hyo-Jeong Son came to me and hold my hand and she was like talking to the old ladies, at that moment i felt like she was my mother!! cause she was holding to my hands and i felt so lost cause i could make out what they were saying, but yeah the old grandmas were so cute though!! they were so small!! but yeah Seung-ho came to and told us to go ahead and that he will help them!! and so yeah the girl just kept holding my hand but she finally realized and she let go she said not to worry because they were just lost!! so yeah she went ahead and then i got to talked to this other Chinese girl, but i forgot her name, but yeah her Korean was really good!! damn!! so yeah we talked and we walked and walked and then that was where we found this BIG fountain!! and it was like a water show!! but man i wanted to take pictures!! so the Chinese girl and I followed Ashely and the Chinese girl took a picture of me, but man my battery was running out and i didnt bring my extra one!! but yeah i took a picture of her too with her camera and then we went in between the water thing and we took more pictures!! so they both of us went back to the side and we followed Ashley somemore that where we found “Jineun” and the rest of my groups where in there getting wet and all that!! so yeah me and “Jineun” walked to where the others were but then i saw HEATHER!!! yay!! i missed her during the day!! so yeah i found her sittiing down and she looked tired i went up to her and i said hi and i introduced “Jineun” to her, and yeah she also introduced me to her friend Ann and yeah we was just talking and i asked Heather if she went in to that water thing and she said she was tired and she didnt want to get wet, so yeah i managed to drag her along but in the process her shoes got wet and i was kind of wet from the bottom, but a lil at the top, but yeah, then we had to decide if we want to go back to the school of the bar and we choosed the bar and so yeah we went to the bar and I saw my other Chinese friend who was with her other Chinese friend and they were shopping together!! but yeah anyways we met another girl but i forgot her name, and yeah they taught us another word “Chickmek?” or sumthing like that and also “eegul eegul?” yeah i got to learn some cool Korean words!! but yeah after we order some regular fried chicken and some “aloha” chicken and some “drinks” it was time to eat and drink!! so yeah we ate and we drank then we headed back to Sogang where there was another festival going on and there were so many pple!! and lots and lots of “beverages” hehe!! but yeah!! we ended our day by buying somemore food from the GS store, but i just bough an orange juice and heather and alisia got food to eat. then eat just hanged out at the lounge thing in our floor and yeah we talked about our day and then we was so tired that we went back to our rooms and they slept and i didnt sleep till like 1ish cause i was waiting for my roommie theni slept!!
Now today i Sunday and it was a rest day and tomorrow is school!! so yeah imma stop here cause there are a lot of stuff i wrote!! but enjoy the pictures!! bye bye for now!!

(Sept. 13, 2009 9:21pm)


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