One Week has past!!

Well Heather and I have already been here in Korea for One Week already!!! wow!! well these past few weeks was a crazy one!! Many problems came up, first my health insurance, then our Korean Bank account, then our classes. But now everything is all resolved!! which is good cause now we can finally enjoy Korea!!Well lets see..first my roommate came on Sunday and I was able to meet her and stuff…her name is Sunny like the girl from SNSD, and she is pretty shy!! I mean when we are in the room together its soo quite!! she never starts off the conversation and she always keeps to herself!! i know that it must be hard talking in english with me but she has to try!! im always trying to start off the conversation but then i run out of things to ask her and then bam!! instant silence!! *sigh i hope by the end of the semester that we can be really good friends!! ^_^v on the other hand heather and i meet another girl from Hawai!! she is from UH Manoa!! Her name is Alisia. She practically likes the same thing we do!! which is uberly great!! So yeah hhhmmm…well we practically went all over the place exploring the shops and all that!! We also meet up with JAY!! we went to see her at Ewha University!! and damn that school is super ass big!! i mean BIG BIG!! well yeah Jay showed us around her school and around Ewha side and then we went to eat!! and we ate this really spicy soup, but it was really good!! hhhmmm…wat else, then on saturday, we went on a field trip with the group HUG!! we went to Seoul Han-Ok Village and Seoul N-tower. And we had such a good time, but we had to do a lot of walking!! we took so muc pictures too!! I dont even remember the convos that was taking place that day!! Oh yeah and we also went to Intaewon, the place was pretty ghetto and i felt really scared!! except when we went to the Muslim Mosque!! that place was really cool!! but yeah then we went to this pub but it was pretty uncofortable cause yeah there were a lot of pple smoking and the music was so junk!! ;p so then we decided to go home and we took the subway!! and by the time we got back to the dorms it was like alredy almost 11:30 or 12?? idk wat time!! but yeah that was our week!! and sunday was just laundry day!! welp yeah i really dont know wat else to put in here!! i forgot everything now!! boo!! kks!! peace outties!! ;p


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