THREE MORE DAYS & Counting!! ^_^

OMG so there is three more days until Heather and i leave for South Korea!! YAY!!! well I’ve been packing this whole day!! trying to pack everything i need!! unfortunately…my first suitcase is already over the weight limit!! and i dont know how im going to be able to fit all my stuff without overpacking!! grrr!!!! this makes me soo stress out!! and also I still need to pack another suitcase but…..the small green suitcase that i have cant fit all my other stuff!!! so i think i dont have a choice but to bring my other BIG suitcase with me!! 😦 this makes me sad..for i dont know where to put these suitcase when i get there!! 😦 but i guess i gotts do what is gotta do right?? well ima go back to packing!! hopefully i can find a way!! ^_^
well peeps bye bye for now!! ;p
Here are some pics of my room right now!!


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