Birthday Weekend..

Wow!! on August 7th, was my 20th birthday, wat a crazy thing to be thinking that I am finally on my early twenties!! haha!! i feel so old, cause now I have left the teenage years behind and finally entered into adulthood. However, I was happy to be able to spend this special day with the friends and family that I have. They started my day by wishing me a happy birthday and later on my aunt made pancit and my grandpa and his other friends drank, the next day my aunt treated me and the rest of my family and also a few of my friends, Heather, Sierra, Michael, and Melvin to dinner at Empress Restaurant, and we ate A LOT!! the food was ggggrrreeeaattt!! ^_^ well after that Heather told me to open my presents and I did!! wow!! I got some GREAT gifts!! ^_^ I opened Michael and Melvins gift and it was graffic t-shirts!! my fave!! they only knew me for a couple of months and they already knew my taste in clothing!! ^_^ well then i opened Heathers and it as another graffic shirt!! oh yeah!! and then finally to top off the night!! i opened the second gift and there it was!!! OMG!! i could believe it but Heather bought me a Fahrenheit’s lastest CD!! OMG!! i was blown away!! man Heather really knows how to build up the suspence!! but anyways, then we had to leave and that night i spent time with my cousins, my cousins and I slept over our other cousins house and we watched movies at Pearl Highlands, and also we went crusing around Waipahu!! ^_^ we didnt even slept till like 2 or 3 in the morning!! but it was all good!! then we went to the beach the next day at Ko’olina!! Dang the beach was really crowded that day,but it was fun overall cause we got to do some crazy ass thing like teach my cousin Erlyn how to float on her back. haha!! then we went back home and ate and ate again!! after that at around 4pm, my uncle and my cousins dropped me off to Heathers hale, and the rest of my cousins back to Kalihi.
When I got to Heathers house I was able to meet Heathers mom when i got in, and i got to see Heathers dad again!! ^_^ well after that, we celebrated Heathers dad and her unlce’s birthday too!! then we ate and ate again!!
Then Monday was school, then slept at Heathers house again, and then Tuesday we went to the beach at North Shore and yeah we got a lot of sand on ourselves cause the waves was supper ass big!! they also buried me in the sand along with Sierra, by that time!! i was couldnt feel my legs anymore!! hehe! then we ate shrimp and yeah!! i think that was it!! But overall the weekend was really fun!! I also got my visa on Monday!! ^_^ well that would be all gotta go finish my HW!! bye bye!! ^_^v


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