Source of Inspiration>>

Recently I have been added to be a friend of DearRicky, I have read one of his blogs and at the end of his blog he asked, what is my source of inspiration when I write. Well basically I havent been a writing for a really long time, I havent even wrote on xanga for a long time either. However, when I was little, my source of inspiration was my anime’s!! YES my anime’s!! mainly from Sailor Moon!! I use to write many stories of Sailor Moon and I would include myslef in it too as well, and I would write about me being a Sailor Scout. But this was when I was really little, and stupid…haha. But, when I started in High school I used to write poems, what inspired me to write poems is mostly things that I have experienced like love, friendship and family. But now i dont really write a lot besides here in Xanga, but other than that I draw my inspiration of writing from my everday life and experiences with my family and friends!! ^_^

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