Summer Weeks!! ^_^

Well here I go again writing another long ass blog about my weekend and also my week!! Well I dont really know where to start because apparently there was a whole lot things that I did….hhhhmmm…well i guess i can start off when i meet Heathers sister Jane. Yeah, we had a little dinner at my house first with my family then Heather and Michelle came to pick me up at around 10ish and i slept over Heathers house, and the next day we woke up early, but Heather was able to introduce me to her sister, and I also meet another of Heathers cousin and her husband and her two kids. So yeah that Sunday we went to Hanauma Bay, and yeah we really fun, we played with heather and michelles nephews, and we also practiced for Michelles Party too…haha…well yeah i got really dark again, so all my two semester of hard work of not getting dark went down the drain by just one day at the beach, we didnt leave the beach till like around 1ish or sumthing like that, then Jane wanted some Malasadas so we went to Waikele to get some Malasadas and also food cause we was hungry, when we got there and I got out of the car I saw my friend from Big Island!! OMG I was so shock!! i also saw her mom too!! so yeah i gave her a big hug and yeah it was a little reunion between friends…so yeah then heather and i meet the rest at the food place and we got food, then we went to get malasadas, and ate like three malasadas!! man!! talk about gaining weight!! but it was soooooo onolicious!! then we went back to Heathers house and we ate and everyone took shower and Heather got her make-up done by her sister and then we went to Heathers grandmas house for dinner, and yeah i was able to meet all of Heathers family, there was ate a little bit and practice our song. Then we went to D&B and yeah we stayed there until like 1 in the morning. and yeah that was my previouse weekend.


The next week was pretty much the same hanging with Heather practicing for the party and doing my online classes. So yeah we was kind of worried about our song but just a couple days before Michelle and Krystals party we got down our harmonizing. So yeah, then on Thursday I slept over Heather house and then on Friday I was able to meet Heathers dad. Then Friday was the party, Heather made my hair and she made her hair and yeah then we practiced in the car and stuff like that then we was able to get to the party on time. It was pretty irritating cause i can eat poultry and shrimp because apprently i was develope and allergic reaction to it…so now its off limits!! booo!! but yeah heather and i was getting pretty nervouse. Michael was the openning act and we was after him. It was funny cause Michael messed up on his second song!! haha!! but yeah, so when they finally called our name we went on stage and well we sang, and it was surprising cause there was a lot of cheers and clapping when we was singing and i say we did pretty well!! hehe!!after that we got a lot of compliments and yeah, and then melvin also performed too!! ^_^ so after all the performance, we kind of dance, but then Heathers stomach was starting to get sore to we went home with Heather auntie Mimi and Uncle Juanito. and yeah we sang in the car with all this ilocano songs!! hehe. Then Michael called Heather and said that they was all going to watch movies at their house so we went to Heathers house first and changed and then we drove to Michael and Melvins house and we watched the “Uninvited” i kind of slept through the whole thing cause heather and i already saww it…so yeah. It was alright we ate a lot of food. Then we went home and we slept.
The next day we woke up late and then heather drove me back to my aunties house and yeah that was the end of that weekend as well!! ^_^


Then that day my cousins from Waipahu came to eat dinner here at the house and we was able to do a little bonding time!! The next day I had to take my midterm and also!! my little cousin the youngest one skipped school, argued with her mom and starts swearing at her mom and yeah!! but yeah all in all it was a crazy and yet peacefull two weekends… ^_^
Well i guess that’d be all for now!! bye bye!!


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