sO fAR…..

Well so far im pretty much understanding my summer class. But hey who knows!! it might get harder and harder!! i hope now!! but yeah anways yesterday was my aunties birthday and it was pretty fun!! had soooo much food!! i think im getting fatter!! booo!! well yeah after that my mom called me!! hehe!! she called me cause she was outside looking at the stars…it seems that Kohala was full of beutiful starts last night!! and my mother!! was making me jelouse!! so yeah we talk for like an hour!! that shows how much i miss her!! i mean when i was back home we used to talk a lot too!! especially during the summer months when it super ass hot inside the house, we would jut go outside turn off the garage lights and just sit in the back of the truck and look at the starts and talk!! i miss our little talks and her little advices!! but hopefully next year ill be able to go home!! ^_^ After i was talking to my mother it was already like 10 or 11. I helped my cousins with thier homeworks and then we went to sleep. But my two cousins the oldest and the middle child decided to sleep with my in my room last night. so the middle child slept on the ground and the oldest slept with me on the bed. and the three of us was just talking, laughing and bonding!! then my auntie came upstairs cause we was loud and by that time it was already like 1 in the morning so yeah we all went to sleep!! it was a pretty exciting night!! ^_^ well yeah gotta do some laundry and do my homework!! so yeah bye bye for now!! ^_^

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