Summer Weekend Pt. 1

Although I started my summer weekend with my parents, my summer with my friends didnt start till this weekend. This weekend I slept over Heather’s house. On Friday I meet up with her at school and showed her how to get to my aunties house. I was able to introduce her to my auntie and showed her my new room!! ^_^ then we headed to Kapolei to pick up Melvin!! Yay!! when we picked up Melvin we then went to target to buy tennis rackets and also a present for Aii!! then we went to play with Melvin at his house and we got to play with Micheals ducky!! We named him “NoNaMe” hehe!! then we got tired of waiting for Michael to come home so we left early and headed to Heathers house. Then after that we wanted to play tennis but when we got to the park it was already dark and scary so, we went to Melvin and Michaels house. We were like “ninjas” sneeking in!! Then Heather tapped on Melvins window and we was just talking to Melvin, when Micheal called and bam!!! he went into Melvins room and bam!! Michael then told us to come inside cause he was almost done with his homework, so we went in and by that time i was super ass hungry, so Melvin or Michael told us to go eat cause there was some food left, but then i was kind of hesitant cause i was so shy!! so yeah!! Heather then made me go eat and then we was done and we was just sitting in the living room talking while Michael did his homework, and we was also playing with the ducky!! ^_^ then when that boy was done with his homework and took a shower we went back to Heathers house. I think that night we was watching Naruto, or sumthing and then I straightened my hair, then we puc Michael to bed, but man!! i sweat that boy!! he came back to Heathers room and we didnt we go to sleep till like 2 in the morning!!

The next day Melvin calls my phone at like 7 or 8 telling me to wake up his brother, so i had to get up and wake up Michael and by that time i couldnt go back to sleep. There was this whole entire problem with their cousins grad thingy but in the end it all worked out. We went to pick up Aii and man!! there was so much traffic!! goodness! so anyways we picked up Aii and I had to go sit in the back witht the two boys cause Aii never rode in the front yet…sooo….yeah, then we dropped off the boys at UHM and then we went to Ala Moana, when we got there we went to Sams Goody cause Heather heared that Utada Hikaru was suppose to be there signing autographs but then when we got there she was not there!! she was sick so she had to cancell her US tour!! boo!! what a day we had!! we dressed up for nothing!! boo!! but overall it was good cause we got to spend time with Aii before her Birthday on Sunday!! it was really great we had lunch together and then we dropped her off home, but before she went home we took some pictures and gave Aii her birthday present….she liked her present and so then we said bye and headed back to Ewa beach. But then we went to Kapolei to play with Micheal and Melvin, then the four of us went to Heathers house and we watched Naruto. Then I cooked corned beef with eggs, and they eat it all, well mostly me hehe!! but yeah then we watched What I like about you and yeah we didnt take them home till like late at night then Heather and I went home and just crashed right away.
Then on Sunday, we just cleaned and cleaned Heathers house!! and Man!! it was supper ass clean!! I cleaned her bathroom and her kitchen and all that!! then yeah we then went to play tennis and Heather WINS and is better than me!! ^_^ hehe!! so yeah then the two boys came and they brought their saimen with them and all and then they started to play and we was listening to music and all and just hanging out…then it got dark so we headed home.

Today was a laid back day we got ready and meet up with Michelle, Michael, their friend Bernadette at Pearl Ridge and we just hanged out and go shopping, I on the other hand just windowed shopped hehe!! well yeah then Heather dropped me off to my aunties house and yeah. thats was pretty much my weeekend!! ^_^

well ima go now still tired and still having the sniffles.. ^_^


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