Wow!! This past weekend has been great!! my mom and dad flew from the Big Island and help me move out of my dorm room!! ^_^ and I was also had time to spend time with them cause i havent seen them in almost a year!! so this was a great time to spend with them!! On Saturday my mom and dad helped me moved out and Heather was able to meet my parents for the first time!! hehe!! and then they also was able to meet my friend Jay also!! but..Heather and I wasnt able to see the first reaction in meeting her!! but overall it was good cause my parents was able to meet my friends…but the downside to it is that Ai-chan was not able to meet them!! but someday they will!! then Sunday night we went to my nieces birthday party cause it was her birthday that night…we had a good time all my aunties and uncles was there and they was excited to see my dad cause they havent seen him in a really long it was really good…haha my dad also got a hung over cause he never really drink for the longest time!! and my mom was drinking!! but that was on Sunday night!! Sunday morning I was able to spend Mothers day with my mom and dad!! Sunday night there was a Mothers day dinner at my aunties house in Kalihi!! thats when I saw my mother driniking Hasseny? idk was it was!! but that wasnt the first time i seen her drink but it was the first that i saw her drink A LOT!! haha anyway…it was a goodnight!! then on Monday my parents had to leave… i was kind of sad and i really missed them a lot!! but ill see them agian soon!! hehe!! So i guess that’d be all!! Heather was able to see my new room through vid chat and yeah!! well Monday i also started my online class and so far its pretty good!! hehe!! ^_^ well i guess that’d bee all!! gotta do some HW!! ^_^ bye bye!!
here is some pics from my weekend..



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