I CAN NOW FINALLY SAY I SURVIVED MY FIRST YEAR IN COLLEGE!! yay!! I am no longer a freashie!! hehe!! Finally I just took my final exam today and now..im going to celebrate by spending time with the fami!! hehe!! my mother and father is coming in tonight and so im so excited to see them!! man!! i really miss them a lot!! hehe!! ^_^
well yeah today i was able to hang withe Heathe and Michael today!! and its officailly the last time Heather will be dropping me off to Waikiki after school!! man!! This year has been a tremendously happy school year!! so much adventures,stress, funny times, and a whole lota sleep overs!! and there’s more to come on the next upcoming years of college!!
Ok so now im going to this road of corness!! and say this without Heather and Ai being there for me in college i would just be this unsociable person, but with them here I was able to survive college and had fun in the process!! thanks to the both of them I created more circle of friends to the already bit cirlce i had back home!!
well thats all i have need to clean the room b4 parents come!! and need to change!! well bye bye for now!! teehhheee!! ^_^

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