Hahaha well as of right now I am currently taking a break from studying. My next finals is tomorrow and I still need to try to memorize how to write my essay section!! OMG!! so much stuff!! well anyways…this morning or this afternoon Heather was feeling restless and i guess hyper!! so i tried to calm her down but she still hyper…maybe we calmed down already cause i haven heared from her in the last 3 hours? i think…but anyways my rommie left to go back to Kaui but then…I wont be seeing her next semester because we will no longer be roommies!! OMG!! to think about it ima miss her!! this is sad!! yeah and soon on Friday!! i have a freakin Math finals!! and then my mommmy and daddy will be coming!! yay!! i really miss them a lot!! so this is good that they are coming to help me move out!! hehe!! so yeah thatd me all!! i think ima go clean a little bit of the room and then go back to history!! peace out yo!! ^_^


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