An Update on the life of Snyra!! ^_^

Well let me start off my little blog on my Spring Break!! Yay!! Well this happened like on the Saturday of Spring Break, this was the day when Heather went to go help Melvin pick out his tux for prom and I was stuck in my dorm waiting for my auntie to come and pick me up to go to Kalihi.
Well…it atcually started on Friday night!! when my bathroom sink “threw” up these ugly gunk!! so and i didnt pay any attention to it and Catherine said it’ll be alright, but I went downstairs to file a work order!! so i did and my RA Amee told me they wont come and fix it till like Monday to I was like ok!! well my friend Catherine left me cause she went clubbing and stuff and then I stayed in my dorm being a nerd that I am and did my laundry and played on the computer. Well i was looking at my bathroom sink and it seemed like the water was rising!! so I scooped it up with a plastic cup I found and it seemed allright. So then i went to sleep and I woke up in the morning to use the bathroom and guess what I freaking saw!! my BATHROOM!! was filled with soo much water!! i mean the floor was like a puddle!! part of the carpet was soaking wet too!! and Im like OMG!! so i rushed out of my dorm and went down to the front desk and I said to them that my bathroom is flooded and so they called the pple that was in charge and the girl said to me that they will come to my room and check it out!! so i go back and a couple minutes later a person came i with a freakin plunger saying that i have to unclogged it myself!! and im like what the freak!! man so i start plunging away and it still wouldnt work!! and then another RA comes along and his name is Marvin!! haha!! so anyways he comes in and takes a look at it and he took the plunger from me and starts to plunge it too!! but it seems like its still not going down!! so he said “alright this is not working at all, ima have to call the plumber to come and fix it.” and he looks at me and im like over there shaking like a chihuahua and almost tearing up and stuff like that!! cause i was scared!! so anways we leaves but right before he leaves he said “ima have to give you another room for you to go and take a shower in and stuff” and im like ok!! so he leaves and im in my room all alone!! so i call up Heather!! and i told her the story and i told her i just want to cry and she said sumthing like “well its not like your going to drown!” and im like laughing cause that was kinda funny!! and then a couple minutes have gone by and im still talking to heather and then Marvin comes knocking at my door and he said that he has called the plumber and he will be here in about an hour and he told me that is was not my fault and that i should just relax, and then a couple more minutes and the girl from the office comes and gives me a new key for a room that i will use for a while to just take a shower in!! and it was an individual room on the 16th floor!! Man that room was beautiful!! anways i went up there and i took a shower and then the girl comes and knocks on the door saying that the plumber is i went down with her and the plumbler was there fixing the bathroom soo i just left him alone!! and i while i was doing that Heather calles me up cause apparently Melvin was still sleeping…so we was just talking about things!! (dont remember conversation) well after a brutal 2 hours i think the plumber was finally done!! yay!! and the bathroom was a hella freakin mess!! so I had to clean it as fast as i can cause my auntie was coming in like another hour!! so…after the bathroom is spot and clean I checked the sink again and guess what! another problem has accured and now the sink i leaking from the bottom cause apparently the guy didnt tightten sumthing so yeah it was leaking so i had to go downstairs and file another working order. And soon i was all packed and ready to leave to go to my aunties house!! yay!! so yeah that was my Saturday!! haha!!
here are some pictures from my batheroom!! ^_^

****** here starts my Spring Break!! yay!! So on Satruday night my aunties from Mililani came over to Kalihi to eat dinner and both my aunties told me I came skinny!! and im like OMG!! thats soo great!! but i still feel fat!! haha!! so i was getting compliments that i was skinny which made me feel soo releived!! hehe!! so then on Sunday Night I spent my time with my wonderful cousins from my mom’s side of the fam bam!! haha!! so.. we went to watch movies at ward theater and my auntie paid!! haha!! well yeah so we was kinda hungry b4 the movies so we went to Panda Express and we shared each other plates and we was just reminising about my aunties childhood growing up with my mom and how we remind her of when she spent a lot of time with her cousins when she was still in the Philippines!! and yeah!! so after we ate we wennt to the movies and we watched the Last House on the Left!! it was an eehhh an ok movie but yeah not that exciting!! haha! ^_^ So then my two cousins from Waipahu came with us to watch movies and they spent the night over and so we went upstairs and took some pictures and then we watched another horror movie called One Missed Call and while they was watching i was stuffing my face with ice cream and apples with caramel dirrzzled on the ice cream!! mmmm yummy!! so anyways yeah after that the rest of them joined me and we all ate the one gallon of ice cream! well not really just half of it!! and then we didnt even went to sleep till like 2 or 3 or sumthing like that and we woke up soo early!! OMG!! Then monday!! we just spent the whole time being lazy till like 10ish and we went to thin out my cousin Sheryl’s hair and then my couins decided to freakin color my hair!! cause they dont like seeing my white hair and soooo they did and it came out alright except that they missed a couple of spots!! and then after me was my auntie and then my grandma!! so my two cousins colored three pples hair that day and then we ate lunch and then my cousins had to go home!! wuuuahhh!! soo sad!! Then on Tuesday!! I also went to visit my cousins Jumar and Judhea!! and we just spent time at their house and i talked to my uncle and auntie!! haha!! so then my couisn comes with me and my other cousin Kelsi and Judhea are friends too so they started talking and then we was making prank calls to their friends!! haha! that was funny!! anyways i went home that tuesday night and then i packed again to spend the half of spring break with Heather!! yay!!
So i will talk about my spring break with Heather, on the next blogging cause yeah i getting tired of writing and its too much!! so bye-bye for now!! hehe!! ^_^


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