My Week of Craziness!!

Well where should I start!! ho you know!! there has been many things thats been happening this past couple of weeks!! OMG!!! Well let me start off with my weekend last week. Let me see. I went to Heathers house that weekend!! and yeah!! well I was at school and it was my last class. I was talking to these two boys in my psychology class and yeah. So I was like talking to my gangster friend and I told him that he looked like a bumble bee, ’cause he was wearing like black and yellow on everything…so he was very matchy matchy that day!! well guess what his responce to me was!! he said “Well Im the bee and you can be my honey, that I buzz around you!!” lol omg!! you know that was the most corniest lines I have ever heard!! but OMG!! he just makes me smile!! even just thinking about him!! but anyways wat ever!! he had a girlfriend and I dont want to be a homewreker!! grrr!! well yeah!! so then class started and I asked my friend Joy if I can catch a ride with her to Ewa beach since she lives there too!! so yeah!! I spent my weekend with Heather!!

When I got to Heathers house!! I ate some food and then we went to Pearlridge because we took Melvin to buy a gift for his girlfriend!! awe soo cute!! haha!! so yeah we went to Pearlridge to buy a gift and since Im already experienced at looking for gifts cause I went through all that with my cousins…i kind of know what to look for. So I asked Melvin what his gf was like and he told we went to a couple of stores and then Heather!! goes wild!! she sees all these dresses and she cant control herslef…but lucky thing she only bought one dress that day!! well anyways we went to several stores till we went to THIS IS IT..and there we found the perfect gift for Melvins gf!! it was soo cute!! it was a jacket!! and it reversable!! haha!! so anyways after that we went to eat at Outback Steakhouse!! and yeah while we waited because they was busy!! we had a racing competition!! Melvin and I raised till Heathers car but I think Melvin cheated cause I reached Heathers car first!! well anyways we ate after that and then dropped off Melvin at his house!! and then there I was invited for the first time into their house!! and i was talking to Heathers auntie and uncle in Filipino and stuff!! haha!! showing off my skills!! then we went to Melvins room and we played then Melvins dad comes in the room and yeah he called me cute!! but anyways yeah then Michael comes home from work and we kinda talked to him for a while then he left to go to his room. And then Heathers auntie asked us if we want to eat lemon cake!! omg!! man I was still full but yeah we ended up eating a little was good but realy lemony!! haha!! then yeah we just chatted and talked and then after that we went back to Heathers house!! and yeah i forget what happened after that!!

well there was more to the story of my weekend!! so stay tune to find out!! haha!! ^_^
Im tired sooooo….yeah next blog!!


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