My Valentine Weekend!!

Well its been a hella long time since i wrote a blog!! and there has been so much going on!! hhmmmm where should i start?…hmm..i know my Valentines weekend!!

Well my Valentines weekend was an absolute blast!! on friday Aii and Heather slept over my dorm room!! That night we went to the Hilton to watch the fireworks up close!! yay!! then we cruised around the hotel for a while then we went back home so i cook the two kids some food to eat. I cooked this filipino meatloaf called morton or impotido. Heather has been craving it eversince she first tasted it. Then I also cooked corned beef with cabbage. That was also good too!! haha!! ^_^ well i stuffed Heather and Aii with so much food that Heather didnt even finish eating her food!! Anyways it was the first time that Aii tasted the morton and she really liked it!! YAY!! so now i have to try to figure out how to cook it soo Heather and Aii can eat a lot of it!! ^_^ then Charlene called!! ^_^ we chatted with her via webcam. She was able to meet Aii for the first time too!! well anyways while Aii and Heather was chatting with Charlene i did some LATE laundry!! it was super scary when i was downstairs doing laundry cause there was these bunch of guys that was down there looking at me!! anyways the three of us slept pretty late. After we talked to Charlene we played sharades. Then we didnt sleep till like 2 or 3 in the morning? anyways while we was playing it was so funny how we acted out the things that was in the paper!! hahah!! ^_^

then on saturday Aii and I went jogging in the morning while Heather slept for a while!! then after that Aii cooked us breakfast!! cinamon waffles and portugees sausage!! yummy!! haha!! so then after that we just hung around the drom until 12 and we went to Ward to watch movies!! we watched The Uninvited and Friday the 13th!! haha!! it was so funny cause yeah!! anyways we came back to the dorm and we then packed and we “migrated” to Heathers house!! yay!! When we got there it was already late.But we had to wait till like 12 cause we was going cruising at Mililani!! but then Michael couldnt come cause he had to deal with friend dramas!! well anways it was good cause we had like a girls night out kind of thing!! haha!! well that night we was sooo tired that we went straight to bed once we got back to Heathers house..

On sunday!! was a different story. Sunday Heathers grandma came over to Heathers house and Aii and Me was able to meet Heathers other auntie and her two cousins and grandma. When we was done talking to the grandma, we went to the commisary? i think thats what its called but anyways we went shopping there and man they had really good stuff!!..after we was done we went to pick up Melvin at MikeyD’s and we also took Mevlins other cousin and him home. Then we waited for the two brothers Michael and Melvin then we just hanged out at Heathers house. we played ummm “Imagine If” watched an anime called Elfin Leid while we was watching the episode i was styling or curling Michael long hair..haha it looked like Domoyoji from Hana Yori Dango!! ahah!! anways…and then at around 10 ish we dropped off Aii at Hawaii Kai!! now!! that was a really interesting ride!! cause in the back was the two brothers and Aii was in the middle and haha!! i think i’ll let Heather tell that part of the story. haha. Then after we dropped off the two brothers Heather and I went back to her house. It was really funny cause Heathers car was almost runnying out of gas!! so we had to get it filled!! hehe!! lucky thing we made it to the gas station!! THEN We was supposed to start studying for our History exam that night be we ended up watching Tree of Heaven!! yay!! and we didnt go to sleep like 3 in the morning? so yeah.

On Monday there was no school so Heather and I went grocery shopping at Pacific and then yeah we praciced singing and dancing!! haha!! then Heather dropped me off back to the dorm!!

That was my weekend!! haha it was pretty good cause i spent it with my friends!! usually i hated Valentines Day cause all my friends back home usually ditched me for their BFs so i spend my V-Day alone!! but Im glad that i got to meet friends in college that well make me enjoy life more!! ^_^

well i think Heather will be posting the picks we took so yeah!! wait for her blogg!!
well this week i just finished a psychology paper and a history exam!! yay!! so im happy with that result!! ^_^
alrighty peeps peace out and also…..



One thought on “My Valentine Weekend!!

  1. sOmE_bOy says:

    Damn, you’re just like Heather.  You write every single detail so your blog is like 5000 pages long.  Anyway, I’m cutting my hair in like half an hour so I won’t be able to have Domoyoji hair anymore =/

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