“Love is the enchanted dawn of every heart”

Freaking A!!! Soooooo…today i thought it was just an ordinary day, going to wake up go to school and blah blah blah!! But today was a whole different day!! Man!! i am still giggly inside!! i can help it!! my heart just starts singing!! *sigh* *sigh* OMG!! well anyways i ended my day with birds singing!! and me just blushing!! *sigh*!! Heather and I just finished our History class.. i was about to go home to help my roommate to cook dinner but she called me that she already went to the store…so anyways i went back to meet up with Heather…and i followed her to use the little girls room.
When we was done we went down to dreamers cause Heather wanted food to bring home…as Heather was looking a the menu outside Dreamers….a person came around the corner all dressed in white!! i thought it couldnt be!! but it was him!! all dressed in white!! It was my “friend” from my computer science class last semester!! OMG!! i say “Hey!!” and he was like “HeY!!” and i gave him a big hug!! OMG!! he hugged me!!! aaaahhhhh!!! *sigh* well as i was hugging him i became speechless and i said “Hows da kine!!” OMG!! yeah so he was laughing and he was like “dakine!! yeah sure da kine is fine” and so yeah!! and i was like “sorry!!! i meant to say How is school?” and how are you?” and he was like “Im good school is good” and i was like “so heading to class or r u done for the day?” and he said “No im heading to class.” and im like “Oh!!” he said “yeah im going to the other campus.” and i asked “what class?” and he said “Organic Chemistry” and im like “Oh!!” and so we was talking for a while and he said “so are you going home?” i said “yeah” and he said “so now you are going food hunting?” and i said “NO!! im not my roommate is cooking for me, but my friend is!!” and so we was both laughing!! and then well he had to go cause he still has to catch the shuttle to go to the windward campus…i said bye and he said ok bye and take care!! then he left!!!
then i turned to Heather and im like OMG!! man!! i was smiling so big!! i was giggling!!! and i was leaning on Heather while giggling and smiling on the bus!! MAn!! i hope i can see him again!! *sigh!!
He just makes my heart beat so fast!! OMG!! i never felt like this before!! i cant even talk straight around him!! OMG!! what am i suppose to do!! aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! *sigh!!*
*sigh* i think im in love!! *sigh!! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ 

Oh!! even Heahter had a great day too!! so both of us experienced the same feeling!! haha!! she seen Marvin today!! so I felt wat she was feeling this morning when she seen Marvin!! haha!! anyways i hope we have more experiences like this!!
Its true what they say that “you meet your true friends in college!!” haha!! but i want to keep my old ones too!!

well peeps i better go!! i hope i can sleep!! haha!! bye bye!! ^_^


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