First Day School!! ;p

 Alright!!! its finally time to rant about my first day of school!! hahahaha!!! well school wasnt that bad except so far my Geography Teacher. He was kinda boring but hey I have to endure this!! anyways…my big problem right now is my Math class. They cancelled it so I have to register for another math class!! this is an outrage!! grrr!! evil!!! well i better have a good math teacher atleast!! hahah!! if anything Heather can tutor me!! hehehe!! blah!!

Well I have two classes today since my math class is cancelled!! so im happy in a way!! but yesterday man I really need to change my history class into sumthing else cause man!! i have a big gap between my geography and history class.. 4hour break is really a killer!! grrr!! so i hope that heather and i can get an earlier class time for History!! Ok well thats about it!! I have to go to class soon!! and Im hungry!! hehehe!! ^_^

bye bye!! ;p


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