Last Week!

Well Jan. 12-14, 2009 was my last three days being Home!! I had such a fun time being back home!! Although I didnt get to go up to Mauna Kea Mountain I still could experience the coldness!! It was really cold back Home!! But the night were beautiful!!

Last week Friday my friend Blaise and his Girlfriend had to go back to Oahu so his mom invited us for dinner next door!! So I went, but my other friend Joy that lived right across from me came to get me and we both walked next door to Blaise’s house. Everyone was there most of our friends was there but some of them had to leave early to go back to school!! But we had so much fun at Blaise’s house!! we played this dice game I dont really know what its called but its a really fun game AND you can get money!! haha!! I nearly won but I did a bad roll so Joy won the 36 dollars!! DANG!! anyways!! that was Friday!! I promise my self that I would stop drinking but I got tempted and I drank one beer!! JUST ONE!! haha!! We all had fun i didnt get home till like two in the morning!! We talked soo much and I hope that I’ll be able to hang with them soon again!!

Ok so on to Saturday!! my day was full that day!! I went to the movies with Bryce and Waryn and we watched the UNBORN!! haha that movie was good but it was not that scary!! anyways it was so funny becuase I was sitting in between Bryce and Waryn and the movie started the beginnging part was scary and I was eating DOTS!! (those chacolate ice cream that you just pop in your mouth) it was open and BAM!! the scary part comes up while I was eating a DOTs and boom all the DOTS ice cream went FLYING!! and it all landed on Waryn and some on Bryce!! hahah!! that was soo funny!! anyways Bryce that stinking scardy cat!! was closing his eyes practically through the entire movie!! CRAZY boy!! haha!! but i had fun!!
Then when I came home from Kona I went to eat ice cream with my other best friend Tiana. She was leaving on Sunday so Saturday night was our last time to hang out!! so we  went to eat ice cream at SWEET SCOOPES!! and man oh man it was a BEAUTIFUL night!! the MOON!! was amazzing!! It was the biggest moon i’ve seen in 2009!! and the stars!! OMG!! i missed loooking at the stars at night!! the night was soo beautiful and soo romantic!! anyways Tiana and I talked for hours!! then around 8ish I had to leave for my cousins b-day!! tiana and i said our goodbyes and she cried!! i told her that she can always call me up whenever she needed to talk to sumone AND!! she can always visit me in OAHU!! haha!! anyways to my cousins party!! or dinner i was late!! but its alright!! that night was kind of the last night i could hang with ALL my family!! we had fun!! we played card games and i keep LOOSING!! well yeah! so that was my Saturday!!

For the rest of the following week was incredible!! the full beautiful shinning moon and the STARS!! it was soo BEAUTIFUL!! i guess you can say that there are no words to express how i feel when i see the starts shinning so brightly and the moom so luminous and full!! The night was soo clear of clouds that after dinnner i would just go outside and lay down on our driveway with the outside light off and i would just watch the stars!! this was the things that i missed the most when i was here in Oahu for my first semester!! but i made up for it!! i mostly spaced out and i dreamed when i was looking at the stars!! where i live you can see the milky way!! its realy awesome!! and for the past three days i have been waking up at 3 in the morning beucase the MOON just shines right through my window and brightens the whole room!! I think it was on tuesday that i woke up at 3 and just went outside and sat on my driveway with my dog Nohea and i just looked at the moon!! man oh man it was beutiful!!

Anyways i also got to spend time with Whitney, Brittney and Andy!! on Wednesday it was Andys birthday so we hanged out eat some more ice cream and we drove to Pololu Valley!! and then they had this bright IDEA!! that we hike down the valley!! lol!! so we did and it was GREAT!! LOL!!

imma miss all my friends more than ever!! but i know i’ll see them again soon!!

well its late and im sleepy soo goodnight!! everyone!!



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