Out Dated!!

Man I really need to catch up the on the latest news in the Asian Entertainment!! Goodness!!! Im so far behind!! I’ve been toooo busy hanging with my fam bam and friends that I never really had time to check the forums for the latest news!!! But hey…guess what!! My first song for 2009 is offcourse DBSK!! their new song in Japanese Bolero…which is also the OST for this upcoming movie called Subaru!! cant wait for that!! Anyways!!! im just ranting that i havent been updated on the latest songs!! I really need to go check the forums tonight!! Oh but i cant!! grrr!!! I am going to a basketball game for the Girls Varsity and Junior Varisty!! Both my cousins will be Playing!! woohoooo!!!
Speaking of basketball games…i went to a basketball game last night tooo!!! My cousin Arvin was playing for the boys Varsity Basketball team for my old High School!! but anyways I went with Joy last night and dang!! it was pack to the max!!! Fist the Junior Varsity played and they lost to Ka’u!! and then the Varsity Boys played and wow that was a crazy ass game!! we was up and up with Ka’u for 1 and 2nd quarter and then the boys got ahead by 11 points on the 3 quarter and they the Ka’u boys started playing 3s so they were catching up!! on the 4th quarter the boys was in the lead my 8 points they Ka’u catched up and they was only down by two points then like in the middle of the 4ht quarter the Ka’u boys started getting fouls!! and they soon lost their best three players!! it was ridiculous!! Also Arvin was also getting fouls too!! he had like 3 fouls before the coach took him off the court of a while and then he went back in but my auntie and uncle was getting mad cause if made 2 more fouls he would be out of the game!! but he didnt and he also made a 3 pointer shot that got the boys in the lead!! but overall the boys won!! 54 – 45!! alright!! im so proud of my cousin!! hahah!! anyways after that we had a movie night at my house and dang!! i missed out on another family picture!! cause my camera ran out o battery so today i went to buy batteries so i can take picturess!! bwwwaaahhhahhahahaha!! well yeah that was my night and yeah man i need to find time to get updated on the Asian Entertainment or else…..Heather can help me with that we go back to schooll!! hahhahahahaha!! hehehehehehe!! ;p

anyways have a great night!! Peace YO!! ;p ^_^


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