Busy Busy Winter Break!! ^_^

Well I have been home for about almost three weeks now and I have been super duper busy with just hanging with the rest of my family and friends!! So much parties to go also!! dang!! But anyways im having soo much fun here being home!! It has also been raining and I love it!! its also cold here too!! AND there is sooo much snow on Mauna Kea Mountain!!  I cant wait to go!! hopefully I find that time to go!! anyways!! also my friend Rhenely had a party at her house and ALL my friends was there!! I was so happy!! we had so much fun that i didnt even get home till like 1 or 2 in the morning!! We had so much to talk about!! I really missed hanging out with them!!
There is also a big change…I alco Cut my hair!! hahah!! im going for a new look for 2009 which is a side bangs!! havnt had bangs in a long time!! haha!! well New Years eve will be fun!! we are having another family party here at my house so i’ll be busy again!! haha!! Well cant also wait to get back to Oahu!! well Happy New Year Everyone!!

Here are the pics from the party!!

Here is a pic of my hair cut!! its so short now!! ;p

Peace Outties!! ^_^


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